The Russian Ministry of Defense commented on the presence of Russian aircraft off the coast of Alaska

A Tu-95MS long-range strategic bomber accompanied by Su-35S multi-purpose fighters carried out a scheduled flight off the coast of Alaska on Thursday, May 4, to RIA Novosti reported citing the Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

"In the course of training flights, pilots of Su-35S aircraft performed elements of complex aerobatics, flight along a given route, and piloting of a combat aircraft at extremely low altitudes and maximum permissible altitudes," the commentary on the agency's website says.

Earlier, Fox News reported citing official military sources that the US Air Force scrambled to intercept the Tu-95 and Su-35 in the area of Alaska. The Russian aircraft were not armed and remained in international airspace the entire time.   

In April, the US military claimed that Russian bombers patrolled international airspace not far from Alaska four days in a row though there was no violation of American airspace. At the same time, Russian aircraft were in the so-called air defense zone, in which the US military would like to receive notifications on flights of civil and military aircraft.


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