The US gave Ukraine a television tower to be installed in the Luhansk region

The United States built a television tower and sent it to Ukraine in order to support the information security of the country in the Luhansk region, as reported by the Minister of Information Policy, Yuriy Stets, according to 112 Ukraine.

"There is a financial assistance program that supports Ukraine's information security, implemented by, for example, NATO and other countries’ missions, including the US. Presently, the television tower in the Luhansk region is being installed, with technical assistance provided by the US. This tower was built in the US, transported to Ukraine, and is now being installed there," Stets said.

A number of countries provide Ukraine with financial and technical assistance in the field of information security.

"There are many other things, including financial and technical assistance provided by representatives of the US government, however, I'm talking now exclusively about information security, provided by Britain or, for example, such a structure as NATO," the minister said.

Earlier, the US Congress approved a budget that includes $560 million of assistance for Ukraine.

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