Ukraine intends to increase purchases of nuclear fuel supplies from the US

As was stated during a meeting with the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Minister for the Energy and Coal Industry, Igor Nasalyk, noted the importance for Ukraine to diversify its supplies and disposals of spent nuclear fuel and increase its future cooperation with the Westinghouse Company, as the Ministry of Energy reports.

"Future cooperation with the Westinghouse Company is important for Ukraine to be able to diversify nuclear fuel sources at Ukrainian power plants," Nasalyk emphasized. He also reported on the intent to increase cooperation and nuclear fuel supplies from the Westinghouse Company by 30%.

Moreover, the Minister assured that all of Ukraine's obligations as part of the third energy package would be met.

"Ukraine is ready to continue energy sector reform in accordance with the best international practices and EU legislation, in particular, the provisions of the third energy package," he stated.

It is stated that the U.S. has assured its support for Ukraine in establishing their energy market and the implementation of measures to achieve energy independence.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will provide Ukraine with 40 million euro for the completion of nuclear fuel storage facilities.

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