Ukrainian Ambassador Chaly: The US could decide to send weapons to Ukraine after the presidential election

According to the Ukrainian Ambassador in Washington, Valeriy Chaly, the question of whether or not the US will send lethal weapons to Ukraine could be decided after the presidential elections in November.

During an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Chaly said “we now have confirmed the possibility of allocating funds for the purchase of lethal weapons in the amount of 50 million US dollars. But there is no political solution in the White House. I do not exclude that this issue can be taken up against after the US presidential elections.”

Chaly noted that the possibility of the US sending lethal weapons to Ukraine is being increasingly promoted by American politicians.

"Sending these types of [lethal] weapons would be a serious signal for Russia, and even more clear evidence of the US position. We therefore welcome a decision to provide Ukraine with lethal defense weapons,” the Ambassador stated.

The Ukrainian diplomat stressed the need, in particular, for anti-tank weapons, which would help defend against a further Russian incursion into the Donbas.

Chaly, however, stressed that the non-lethal aid given to Ukraine by the US, such as counterbattery radars, has been instrumental in saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. He also explained that the drones supplied by the US have helped the OSCE gather evidence.

“Now we need to think strategically and work on joint production of weapons with the help of Americans in Ukraine,” Chaly added.

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