Ukrainian forces gain foothold across strategic road in eastern Ukraine

As a result of a counterattack, the Ukrainian forces gained a foothold near the town of Spartak and crossed the strategic road Donetsk-Horlivka near the town of Tsarskoye Selo.

This was reported by Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala on his Facebook page citing sources in Ukrainian military.

“As a result of counteroffensive, we managed to gain a foothold near Spartak and cross the Donetsk-Horlivka road near Tsarskoye Selo. Now, the soldiers say the most important thing is that they [the leadership of the Ukrainian military] don’t tell us to withdraw. This happened before. This time we took many new positions” he writes, citing the Ukrainian soldiers.

According to Bochkala, the serviceman of 54th Brigade are battling the separatists along Svitlodarsk Salient.

“It is hot in Krymske again, the Ukrainian volunteers report. The separatists do not recognize the ceasefire anymore. Minsk [agreements] is thrown away. This has always been something to be proven. We are standing firm,” the journalist writes.

Igor Strelkov (Girkin) confirmed the advance of the Ukrainian Army in his daily summary.

“Overnight, the army of DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) lost a position. The Ukrainians are attacking along the whole front line,” he wrote on his LiveJournal page.

“Unconfirmed information –supposedly Givi (Mikhail Tolstykh - separatist field commander) is wounded. Also unconfirmed information - near Avdiivka, just behind the front line positions of the Ukrainian army, Ukrainians amassed forces sufficient for a break through into the city. Ukrainian media already reports that Avdiivka has been captured (the outskirts that were held by the separatists). 11th regiment of the separatist army stationed near Yasynuvata confirms heavy losses over the last day,”  Strelkov explained.

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