Ukrainian forces push ahead at Svitlodarsk Salient

Several units of 54th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have moved forward in the direction of the town of Stakhanov and took over positions which were previously held by separatists. This was reported by the journalists of the Ukrainian TSN channel who visited the newly held Ukrainian positions. According to the Ukrainian soldiers, the positions were captured without any losses and almost without shooting.

All the paths to the separatist bunker are covered with mines and booby traps. The soldiers cleared a narrow patch of land from the mines, the rest can wait till the spring, when the demining specialist can start the work there. The line of defense in this area has moved a few hundred meters towards the separatist-held Pervomaisk.

In the directions of Horlivka there are still some reinforced separatist positions, one of which was taken by Ukrainian military units. “The Ukrainian soldiers moved unnoticed toward the separatist bunker and took defense positions around it. Only the next day the separatists realized that there is “almost no oxygen for them”. Food, water and ammunition supplies were cut off. They had to walk away,” TSN reported, citing Ukrainian soldiers.

  War in Ukraine, Svitlodarsk Salient


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