Ukrainian losses continue on the front line in eastern Ukraine

According to a report released by the press service of the Ukrainian President’s administration, separatists continue ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine.

On Friday, two Ukrainian servicemen were killed and ten were injured, according to the press secretary of the administration of the Ukrainian President, Andriy Lysenko.

“Over the previous day one Ukrainian soldier was killed in the course of the hostilities on the front line in eastern Ukraine. Another servicemen was killed as a result of an explosion of a truck caused by a mine. Ten Ukrainian servicemen were injured. One of them was injured by a mine explosion. Two soldiers were wounded as a result of enemy fire. So our losses over the previous day [Friday] are 2 killed and 10 wounded,” Lysenko said.

He specified that one of the aforementioned casualties occurred in Zaitseve as a result of enemy fire while the second casualty happened in Slavne as a result of a mine explosion.

Ukrainian media previously reported that there were 46 cases of artillery and small arms fire on Ukrainian positions in eastern Ukraine from the side of the separatists.

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