Ukrainian Presidential Spokesman: 100,000 Russian troops are stationed near Ukraine's borders

The representative of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO issues, Colonel Andriy Lysenko stated on Radio Svoboda that Russia has gathered approximately 100,000 servicemen in the territories of the occupied Crimea, Donbas and on the eastern border with Ukraine.

“Approximately 40,000 servicemen are stationed along the northern border in the Donbas; another fifty to sixty thousand are stationed in the east of the country. This group is constantly changing and expanding. Three military districts are involved. The transfer of airborne divisions is ongoing. They are deployed along the border and in the territory of the Crimea. The movement of equipment is also ongoing. There are 700 Russian tanks in the territory of the occupied Donbas alone,” Lysenko said.

According to him, the enemy conducts active intelligence operations and knows that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready to repel the possible offensive. “Any escalation of the conflict will have very bloody consequences for both sides, which is why the Russian aggressor is weighing its power and conducts careful intelligence,” Lysenko added. Russia has made no comment in response to these statements yet and there is no confirmation of this information from other sources.

On the 25th of August, Russia announced a sudden readiness check of the Southern district and part of the Western and Northern Military Districts, the Northern Fleet and the Command of Aerospace and Airborne Troops. The inspection should last until the 31st of August. The deployment of a significant number of military forces by Russia caused concern in Ukraine and other countries of the world.

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