Undetectable French missile frigate entered the Black Sea

The French missile frigate HMS La Fayette, possessing a small radar signature, entered the waters of the Black Sea during the evening of the 16th of March, reports Interfax.

At present the warship is heading towards the Bulgarian port Varna.

In this French frigate, the hull and superstructures were constructed with the use of Stealth technology. The frigate feature unique stealth design with reduced radar, acoustic, infrared and electromagnetic signatures. It is equipped with modern anti-ship missiles Exocet, with an active range of 70 km and a complex of anti-aircraft missiles Crotale Naval.

The last time the frigate La Fayette visited the Black Sea was in 2015, at which time it specifically visited Odessa.

In February the destroyer the HMS USA Porter visited the Black Sea, equipped with guided missile systems.

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