US air force aircraft conducted reconnaissance near Russia's Kaliningrad region

A strategic U.S. Air Force RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft approached Russian borders in the southern Baltic on Monday afternoon to carry out operative tasks, Interfax reported, citing western aviation websites that monitor the movement of military aviation

According to their information, the aircraft took off from the Mildenhall airbase in Great Britain, and carried out reconnaissance for an extended period of time along the border of the Kaliningrad region, circling in an elongated ellipse at an altitude of 9,700 meters.

According to the western websites, Russian Su-27 fighters took to the air from an airbase in the Kaliningrad region to intercept the aircraft.

Recently, military aircraft of the U.S.A., as well as other NATO countries and Sweden, have started to regularly carry out reconnaissance flights near the Western borders of Russia and over regions of the Baltic Sea where Russian warships are conducting maneuvers.

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