US Defense Department: NATO will protect its allies from Russian aggression

The Unites States Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, stated on May 3rd that NATO will protect its allies from Russia’s aggression and will uphold international order. In his statement during the introduction of a new NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Carter noted that if Russia ceases saber-rattling, NATO will work together with Russia in fighting global challenges in the security area.

“But it’s up to the Kremlin to decide. We don’t seek another Cold War with Russia, let alone open hostilities. We don’t want to make Russia the enemy. But you can be sure that we will protect our allies and international order, based on law,” Carter noted. The new NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Curtis Scaparrotti, noted that NATO faces challenges because the international law is being threatened by Russia’s actions in Ukraine and South Ossetia.

Among the most significant challenges, Scaparrotti called attention to the terrorist threat in Europe after attacks in Brussels, Paris, and Ankara and also to the refugee crisis that poses a threat to the social system in Europe. Scaparrotti replaced Philip Breedlove, who has commanded the European NATO Forces since 2013.

60-year-old Scaparrotti’s last post was Commander of the U.S. Military Contingent stationed on the Korean peninsula. At the same time, he held the position of Supreme Commander of Allied Forces of South Korea and the USA on the peninsula.

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