US General: We are ready to create a no-fly zone in Syria

The U.S. Air Force is ready to create a no-fly zone in Syria, as stated by General David Goldfin, Rosbalt reported.

According to him, there are three conditions necessary to introduce a no-fly zone. First, is the permission to shoot down all planes that enter the no-fly zone, including Russian ones.

Also, the Air Force should have a clear understanding of the challenges “on the ground” in a no-fly zone. In order to return refugees and provide them with humanitarian assistance there must be local forces, which will control the situation on the ground.

It is also necessary to redistribute the efforts of military aviation between maintaining the no-fly zone and the ongoing operation against terrorist groups. Goldfin stressed that the establishment of such a zone will protect civilians from bombing.

Earlier, Washington opposed the creation of no-fly zones in Syria as it would require ground forces. "U.S. President Barack Obama, believes that such a move is not in the interest of our national security," the Press Secretary of White House, Josh Ernest, said.

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