Worsening situation in the East of Ukraine

On November 7, 2015, Ukrainian Army positions were attacked with heavy artillery, the calibre of which is greater than 100 mm. The same day 15 Ukrainian servicemen were killed. The information was shared by the Ukrainian army servicemen and the Director of the Department for Cooperation with Volunteers, Yuri Danilov
“The situation hasn’t changed over the year. We just got used to it. By the way, we have 15 people killed. They (the separatists) shelled us with mortars with the calibre greater than 100 mm” – reported Danilov on November 7, 2015.
Danilov is not the first one who points to the fact that Pro-Russian separatists have been shelling the Ukrainian positions with heavy artillery for a long time. Although according to the Minsk agreements all heavy weapons should be withdrawn from the border line.

There have been multiple reports in the social media about the violations by the Pro-Russian separatists.
On November 7, an activist of AutoMaidan, Alexey Grytsenko, stated that the Ukrainian forces, located in the area of Peski , are being constantly attacked with heavy artillery from the areas held by the separatists. The Ukrainian Army Commandment has not issued any official confirmations of these violations. The official statement made by the Ukrainian Army commandment is the only pointing to the worsening of the situation. However, there has been no information about the casualties.

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