Norway to supply $45 million worth of mortar ammunition to Ukraine

The Norwegian government has announced that it will donate mortar ammunition worth over $45 million to Ukraine. These mortars have a range of 5-6 km.

Following discussions with the Norwegian Armed Forces regarding Oslo's capacity to provide additional aid to Ukraine in its efforts to counter Russian aggression, Norway's Defence Minister announced that his country will supply 81-mm mortar ammunition valued at around 480 million Norwegian kroner (over $45 million), according to a government statement .

The Norwegian Defense Ministry noted that these mortars are the lightest and most mobile artillery weapons, typically having a range of 5-6 kilometers, complementing heavier artillery for shorter-range engagements.

Ukraine's needs for ammunition are significant, and the ammunition provided by Norway can be utilised with the existing weaponry, the Norwegian government added.

Earlier, Canada's Defence Minister Bill Blair announced that Canada will deliver 2,300 CRV7 air-to-ground missiles to Ukraine. These missiles have been previously tested by the Canadian Air Force.

Germany has also announced military aid to Ukraine, with the Defence Minister disclosing the allocation of a large shipment of missiles for the Patriot air defence system.

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