Occupied Berdyansk comes under Ukrainian missile attack

On June 2, several explosions were heard around noon in the occupied Berdyansk. According to the Telegram channel Berdyansk Today, after that, the smoke began to rise over the city port.

"An explosion was also heard in the village of Osypenko, and there was gray-colored smoke in the area of the military training site, but it quickly disappeared, and a strip was visible in the sky, and it was clearly not from the plane," eyewitnesses said.

The head of the Berdyansk city military administration, Victoria Galitsina told the news agency Suspilne that Ukrainian military hit the Russian military bases in the occupied city.

According to Suspilne, Russian ships began to leave the port.

"There was a strike on the positions of the occupiers. Thanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for bringing the liberation of the city closer," she said.

The Russian media and the Russia-installed administration of Berdyansk confirmed that the city port was hit. According to them, there are no casualties or destruction.

The city was also hit by Ukrainian missiles on Saturday afternoon, May 27.

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