Over 20 Russian soldiers allegedly killed in Ukrainian missile strike on Luhansk

Preliminary reports indicate that a missile strike in occupied Luhansk resulted in the deaths of over 20 Russian soldiers. According to a report from the Russian channel the Kremlin’s Tobacco Box, the strike occurred on Friday, June 7, targeting military facilities in Luhansk.

Russian forces have reportedly suffered significant losses.

The attack was reportedly carried out using American ATACMS missiles.

“The enemy executed a massive strike on Luhansk. Preliminary data suggests that the missiles and resulting debris killed 22 soldiers, with over 20 more injured. The missiles struck a building where an officers’ meeting was taking place, killing at least four attendees, and also damaged a critical military facility,” the source stated.

The report further alleges that vital equipment related to electronic warfare (EW) and anti-aircraft defense systems was damaged.

The Russian military and political leadership have remained silent on the consequences of the missile strikes in occupied Luhansk. Meanwhile, OSINT experts have identified the target as a well-known base of the Russian army in the city.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have yet to comment on the operation. The extent of the damage inflicted on Russian forces is still being assessed.

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