Pentagon to buy Israeli Iron Dome air defense system

The US Defense Department has officially announced that it intends to purchase several of Israel’s Iron Dome defense systems.

“Iron Dome will be tested and assessed with respect to its suitability for protecting the American soldiers deployed in various locations from a broad range of firing threats with indirect aiming and airborne threats. Iron Dome has been used by the Israeli army since 2011, and it has proven its combat capabilities, but it should be noted that the US will examine and assess various options to organize protection against indirect fire,” said Pentagon spokesperson Col. Patrick Seiber.

Unofficial reports about the upcoming deal had already been circulated in the media, but the final agreement of the US Defense Department was only received on Wednesday 6.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the deal is a “great achievement for Israel. It is another expression of the strengthening of our steadfast alliance with the US and of Israel’s rising position in the world. Israel has Iron Dome and Iron Fist. Our systems can cope with any threat, both defense and offense. I wouldn’t advise our enemies to test us.”

The number of Iron Dome systems to be purchased by the Pentagon has not been officially disclosed. However, there is unofficial information that two batteries will be bought and tested in the “hotspots” where US troops are deployed, including the Near East. The US has repeatedly spoken about the growing danger of the attacks against its military facilities by pro-Iranian terrorists.

According to the same “insider” information, the Israeli systems will cost the US $373 million.

The purchase is expected to be an interim stage for analyzing whether the Israeli systems can be integrated into the US Army’s Integrated Battle Command system by 2023.

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