Poland asks U.S. to deploy nuclear weapons to its territory

Amid the threats coming from Russia, Poland has started negotiations with its American partners on participation in the program of joint use of nuclear weapons, said the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, in an interview with Gazeta Polska.

According to Duda, Poland is not a nuclear state, but is a member of NATO. Therefore, the country can get nuclear weapons soon.

"The first problem is that we don't have nuclear weapons. There is no indication that we, as Poland, will get them in the near future. But, there is always an option to participate in a nuclear weapons sharing program. We've talked with the U.S. leadership whether the United States is considering that possibility. The topic is open," said Andrzej Duda.

The Nuclear Sharing Program is NATO's concept of nuclear deterrence. Countries that do not have nuclear weapons can decide to deploy them jointly with other members of the alliance.

Three NATO countries have nuclear weapons – the United States, Great Britain and France. Only the United States has provided its nuclear weapons to other countries under this program.

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