Poland begins deporting draft evaders back to Ukraine

Poland is now extraditing some individuals to Ukraine who were involved in the illegal smuggling of Ukrainian men abroad, according to the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

Several Polish media outlets also reported that Poland has started to extradite conscript-age men who left Ukraine illegally. 

The publication reached out to the Polish Border Guard Service, which confirmed that they have already deported Ukrainian citizens who were facilitating the illegal migration of undocumented individuals to Europe. The article does not mention any other categories of deported Ukrainians from Poland.

Mariusz Ciarka, a spokesperson for the Polish Police Headquarters, explained that the extradition of draft evaders is possible if Ukraine files the appropriate request and the Polish court makes the corresponding decision.

"If we detain a foreigner, for example, for a routine check on the road, our KSIP (National Police Information System) system will show that this person is wanted by the Ukrainian prosecutor's office, as there is Interpol data. We detain such individuals and inform the prosecutor's office. Whether they will be extradited or not is decided by the Polish court," he said.

David Arakhamia, Chairman of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction and a member of the parliamentary committee on national security, defense, and intelligence, stated that Ukrainian citizens who purchased fake certificates of unfitness for military service will be held accountable for their actions.

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