Poland negotiates purchase of additional missile systems from USA

The Polish Defense Ministry is in talks with the United States on the acquisition of Patriot missile systems and HIMARS artillery rockets systems, stated Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

“In March 2018, I signed an agreement with the American side on the purchase of a Patriot missile system. We are currently negotiating on further contracts, for example, the purchase of HIMARS systems. We are waiting for the consent of the US Congress. The State Department has already given consent. I think we are on the right path to equip the Polish army with modern equipment that will hold back a potential aggressor,” the Polish Radio quotes the Minister as saying.

Błaszczak said that he plans to increase the strength of the Polish Army, provide the army with the best military equipment, and strengthen the presence of the Polish Army in NATO structures to better maintain the military cooperation between Poland and the United States.

It was reported that the first Patriot missile systems will arrive in Poland in 2022. The contract value is 4 billion 750 million dollars.

The Patriot missile systems will be equipped with PAC-3 MSE missiles that are capable of  shooting down Russian Iskanders. Poland has ordered 200 such missiles.

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