Poland scrambles fighter jets amid Russian missile strikes on Ukraine

Poland has once again scrambled its fighters into the air in response to a Russian attack targeting infrastructure in Ukraine, according to the Operational Command of Poland’s Armed Forces.

"Tonight saw intense activity by the Russian Federation's long-range aviation, involving strikes using cruise missiles, Shahed-type unmanned aerial vehicles, and ballistic missiles. These were directed at, among other targets, infrastructure in western Ukraine," reads the statement.

The Polish military also assured that all necessary procedures to secure Polish airspace were activated and that the situation is being continuously monitored. At 6 AM, it was announced that the scrambled fighters had returned to base.

"It was a very tense night for Poland’s entire air defense system, as the massive missile attack by the Russian Federation’s long-range aviation covered all of Ukraine's territory, including regions adjacent to Poland," the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces reported.

Previously, three unidentified objects that fell from the sky were found in Poland. It was speculated that they might be parts of balloons or entire balloons.

Additionally, a balloon from Russia was reported to have flown into Poland's territory.

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