Warsaw: Poland will continue judicial reform despite EU sanctions

Poland regrets the decision of the European Commission (EC) to launch procedures for imposing sanctions against the country.

The Foreign Ministry of Poland said that the EC deliberately undertook this burden of relations.

Polish Foreign Ministry called the EC’s claims regarding judicial reform in the country “unfair”.

"We cannot accept one-sided and unfair opinions directed at Poland. The negative information campaign about reforms carried out in our country is not based on facts and prevents us from addressing the allegations…Poland is ready to defend its claims at the Court of Justice," the Foreign Ministry stressed.

The head of the Polish Ministry of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, in turn stated that Poland will continue the reform of its courts as a "law-governed state".

"Politics takes place in Poland, [and] politics takes place in the European Union. This decision changes only that we must effectively finish what we have already begun," he says.

Ziobro accused the European Commission of bias, noting that all the existing regulations regarding the National Court Register and the Supreme Court also exist in other EU countries.

The EC had previously initiated sanctions procedures against Warsaw due to Brussels's dissatisfaction with the broad control of the country’s executive over its judicial system. The President and the Minister of Justice (also the Attorney General) control the process of appointing, promoting and dismissing judges of various institutions.

The measure also threatens to deprive Poland of its right to vote in the Council of the European Union.

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