Ukrainian President Poroshenko agrees to continue dialog with Prime Minster of Hungary Orban

In interviews with three Ukrainian television channels 112-Ukraine, STB and Inter, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that he agreed to continue the dialog with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban regarding the language article of the Education Law.

He discussed this in interviews with three Ukrainian television channels- 112-Ukraine, STB and Inter.

“At the NATO summit, I had a short meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. We agreed that, at the level of foreign ministers and ministers of education, we will immediately continue this dialogue and implement the decision of the Venice Commission," stated Poroshenko.

At the same time, he added that Ukraine will defend its interests, and "actions of the Ukrainian authorities and the president will proceed from the national interests of Ukraine. "

"No one will be able to block Ukrainian integration into NATO – not external factors- I mean Russia, not from within Ukraine - we will not tolerate a single fifth column, nor from within NATO, "-stressed the president.

“Ukraine does not accept the language of blackmail, we do not tolerate it and it will not lead to anything. I deeply believe that anyone who attempts to blackmail us will feel isolated” added Poroshenko.

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