Putin signs media ‘Foreign Agents’ Bill

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill on the status of media “foreign agents”. The relevant documents were published on Saturday, November 25, on Russia’s official portal for legal information.

According to the bill, "a legal entity registered in a foreign country, or a foreign structure without the formation of a legal entity, which distributes printed, audio, audio-visual and other messages and materials (of foreign mass media) intended for an unlimited number of persons, may be recognized as foreign media performing the functions of a foreign agent, regardless of its organizational and legal form, if it receives funds and (or) other assets from foreign states, foreign governmental organizations, foreign and international organizations, foreign citizens, or stateless persons, or persons authorized by them, and (or) from Russian legal entities receiving funds and other assets from these sources."

This rule does not apply to Russian media, including those with foreign capital interests.

It is noted that the bill was adopted in response to the so-called oppression of the Russian media sources RT and Sputnik in the United States.

It was earlier reported that the US Department of Justice officially added television channel RT America to the list of Foreign Agents.

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