Putin: US is not ready for dialogue with Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with NTV TV channel said that Russia is ready to develop relations with the United States as soon as they are ready for the dialogue.

According to the Russian President, the US understands that it wouldn't be possible to "push" Russia on any international issues like the situation in Iran or Venezuela, so the dialogue is necessary.

"I don't think that someone is trying to push us in resolving any issues. It seems that everyone understands that this is almost impossible. However, dialogue is needed. They have their idea of how to solve these or other issues, but we have our ideas. However, there can be no resolution without dialogue. Therefore, as soon as they are ready, we would be happy to develop these relations" — said the President.

Speaking about the US President Donald Trump, Putin noted that he makes decisions himself, but the current US system hampers him.

"We see that the current system in the United States limits him from doing many things that he would like to do. Though, many of his decisions depend on the political determination," he added.

According to President Putin, further development of relations of Russia with the United States depends on their side.

"I don't know what will happen next, but they will have to decide whether they need to develop relations with Russia or not. Therefore, if they need a dialogue, we are ready for it. If they don't need the dialogue, then we will wait until they are ready," he added.

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