Russia annexed Crimea comes under another drone attack

On the night of Saturday, August 12, explosions were heard in the annexed Crimea.

Eyewitnesses report that they heard a loud explosion in the Kirov district. Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to the Russian "head" of Crimea, said that air defense was active in different regions of Crimea.

At the same time, the official Telegram channel of the Kerch Bridge authority reported that the bridge was closed to traffic.

"The vehicle traffic on the Crimean bridge is temporarily suspended," the message reads. "Those on the bridge and in the inspection area, area are asked to remain calm and follow the instructions of the transport security officers."

The vehicle traffic on the Crimean bridge resumed at 03:14 Moscow time.

The Telegram channel Crimean Wind published video footage of a night attack on the village of Novoozernyein the west of the annexed peninsula. According to the channel, there is a Russian military storage base (943 TZMR) with a large amount of equipment. In the published video, one can hear the sounds of gunfire and loud explosions.

The Russian Defense Ministry reports that twenty drones were used in the attack on Crimea. The ministry claims that all UAVs were shot down or disabled.

"Fourteen Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed by air defense systems," the Russian Defense Ministry says. - Six more UAVs were suppressed by electronic warfare. As a result of the thwarted terrorist attack, there were no casualties or destruction."

There have been several drone attacks on Crimea in recent weeks. On August 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that an attack on Sevastopol was repulsed. According to the ministry, two UAVs were shot down by air defense, nine more were suppressed by electronic warfare systems

On August 9, residents reported explosions near the city of Dzhankoy, an air defense system operating in the Saki district, and the "head" of Sevastopol reported "smoke in the area of the Sevastopol Bay."

On August 4 and July 30, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that there were drone attacks were also repulsed.

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