Russia appointed official injured in car explosion in occupied Kherson

The Russia-appointed Deputy Head of the Internal Policy Department of the Kherson region, Igor Telegin, was injured in a car explosion, reports TASS, citing the deputy head of the military-civil administration of the region Kirill Stremousov.

"An assassination attempt was made on the deputy head of the Department of Internal Policy Igor Telegin. He is alive and well. Everything is good with him. He will come back to work soon. An explosive device was detonated. Looks line the work non-professionals. We are trying to establish the person involved," Stremousov said.

The Telegram channel “Caution News” reported that the incident occurred yesterday at about 18:00 pm on Karbysheva Street in Kherson. An explosive device with a capacity of 200 grams of TNT was planted on the side of the road

"He was taken to the hospital with a concussion and wounds all over his body. He is currently undergoing treatment,” the “Caution News” channel said.

On August 20, an assassination attempt was made on Russian collaborator Konstantin Ivashchenko in Mariupol.

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