Russia begins drills with S-300 anti-air defense systems in Rostov region

Russia has begun tactical drills using S-300 PM1 anti-air defense systems in the Rostov province, Southern Military District spokesperson Vadim Astafyev told Interfax.

“In Rostov province territory, tactical drills have begun with divisions of the anti-air missile forces of the 4th army of the air force and the anti-air defense of the Southern Military District. At the training alarm signal, the S-300 PM1 anti-air missile systems marched in a designated region, during which the soldiers rehearsed the destruction of imaginary sabotage and reconnaissance groups, personnel actions during air raids, and identified contaminated terrain,” the report states.

In the designated region, the anti-air missile teams deployed the systems in unprepared positions. The engineers and drivers of the firing assemblies honed their driving skills under different terrain conditions, identifying natural obstacles and maneuvering with limited space.

“During the drills, the anti-air defense divisions will also have to rehearse a range of tasks with multiple changes of starting position. The combat teams of the S-300 PM1 systems will detect targets at a significant distance and destroy them, carrying out electronic launches,” Astafyev noted.

The planned tactical drills will involve more than 30 units of military and special equipment.

A second division of Russian S-400 Triumph anti-air missile systems was deployed in Crimea earlier.

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