Russia denies supporting Taliban

The Russian embassy in Afghanistan says that local media reports that Russia is assisting the Taliban are nothing but speculation and sensationalism.

“After the recent visit by a delegation of the Qatar Taliban office to Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Kabul has drawn attention to the appearance in the Afghan press of more baseless accusations that Russia is supporting the Taliban,” the embassy said in a statement on its Facebook page.

The embassy cites two example articles, one of which was published in the Pashto-language Hewad newspaper on September 15. An article titled “Taliban from Doha secretly arrive in Moscow” claims that Russia is providing considerable assistance to the Taliban, in particular by taking weapons from Afghanistan’s Kunduz province to be repaired in Tajikistan.

Another local newspaper, Ettelaat, claimed that Russia benefits the most from the collapse of the US-Taliban negotiations.

“The embassy is inclined to regard both incidents as orchestrated sensationalism designed to discredit Moscow’s constructive attitude towards the building of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan in accordance with the hopes and needs of the Afghan people,” the embassy said.

Previously it was learned that after Trump called off the US-Taliban negotiations, a Taliban delegation visited Moscow, where they affirmed their willingness to continue dialog with Washington. However, the terrorist organization could strengthen its bargaining position by enlisting the support of regional powers such as Russia, China, Iran and other countries in Central Asia.

During the talks in Moscow, the Taliban delegation’s leader Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai emphasized that his movement is prepared to continue the war.

In mid February, Moscow promised to help lift the UN sanctions on the Taliban.

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