Russia displeased Canada has authorized arms supplies to Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized US and Canadian authorities for supplying weapons to Ukraine, and has urged them to think about "personal responsibility".

"Washington and Ottawa keep on distorting facts and accusing the Donbas militias of shelling actually conducted by Ukrainian troops... The feeling is growing that these attempts to shift responsibility are not accidental. Washington and Ottawa appear to be seeking a pretext to begin large-scale supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine," said Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to Zakharova, "The Canadian authorities have publicly said they are ready to grant their companies licenses for such trade operations, never thinking about possible consequences. And as it has turned out, American concerns, in particular AirTronic USA, a manufacturer of portable grenade launchers, has been supplying weapons to Kyiv."

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the provision of weapons to Ukraine is pushing Ukraine’s leadership, “sabotaging peaceful settlement of the confrontation in the eastern regions, and [moving them] towards new risky schemes."

"Washington and Ottawa must understand that the conflict in Donbas, which stems from the state coup in Kyiv, cannot be resolved by force, and that responsibility for human deaths will rest on those who give weapons to the killers,” Moscow concluded.

Canada has added Ukraine to a registered list of countries to which the supply of firearms is authorized.

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