Russia reportedly running out of ammunition

The Russian Defense Ministry cut the supply of ammunition to the Wagner PMC not only because of the conflict with its owner Yevgeny Prigozhin. In fact, the "second army of the world" is experiencing a severe shortage of shells and all other military units are receiving less ammunition, reported the Russian Telegram channel VCHKA-OGPU.

"When Prigozhin says there is enough ammunition in the warehouses of the Defense Ministry, he does not have sufficient information. The situation with ammunition is extremely deplorable, but this fact is carefully concealed," the Telegram channel writes.

The channel published documents and a video confirming this information. One of the photos shows rusted shells that the Russian Defense Ministry sends to the front. Some of the shells are so old that they literally crumble when being picked up.

Russia's stockpiles of shells were only enough for a year of active hostilities in Ukraine. At the first stages of the war, Russia used about 60 thousand artillery rounds per day, but this number has decreased to 20 thousand. The Russians are no longer able to use the tactics of the fire shaft on a wide front.

The conflict between the Russian Defense Ministry and Prigozhin has reached a new level. The owner of the Wagner PMC accused the Russian military command of destroying his group by withholding ammunition and weapons.

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