Russia starts using S-300 air-defense systems to hit ground targets in Ukraine

In recent weeks, the Russian troops have begun to strike ground targets with anti-aircraft missiles from the S-300 systems, reported the Ukrainian Air Force Command.

The reason for using the heavy anti-aircraft missiles is that the Russia is trying to save the newer ones, such as Kalibr cruise missiles.

The Ukrainian military suggests that the Russians have surplus of S-300 missiles and therefore started using them to bomb Mykolaiv and Kharkiv.

The Ukrainian Air Force command notes that the S-300 system can work both on air and on surface targets. However, the S-300 does not cause as much damage as conventional artillery systems and missiles.

The warhead of anti-aircraft missiles is designed to hit unarmored targets (aircraft fuselages) with thousands of striking elements.

It was reported earlier that Russia is deploying two S-300 anti-aircraft missile battalions in the northwestern part of the annexed Crimea.

The Ukrainian Navy Command said that the Russians are also trying to regain control in the northwestern part of the Black Sea by deploying coastal missile systems and air-launched cruise missiles.

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