Russia tests hypersonic Kinjal missile in Arctic

In November, Russian MiG-31K fighter jet launched the first hypersonic Kinjal (Dagger) missile in the Arctic at the Pemboy military range, reports TASS, citing a source in the Russian defense industry.

"The missile was launched at a ground target located at the Pemboy military range from a MiG-31K fighter jet that took off from the Olenegorsk airbase," said’ one of the interlocutors.

Another source confirmed the fact that the tests of Kinjal missile have been conducted, noting that "the speed of the missile reached Mach 10 speed". However, the Russian Aerospace Forces did not comment on this information.

Kinjal is the latest Russian air-launched missile system, which consists of the MiG-31K fighter jet and hypersonic missiles. According to media reports, the Kinjal missile is an aviation modification of the Iskander ballistic missile system.

Kinjal can hit targets at up to 2000 km, and, according to the Russian Media, the missiles have already been deployed in the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation.

The first time Kinjal missile was demonstrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year during his speech at the Federal Assembly.

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