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  • Russia begins large-scale military exercises in Arctic

    Russian military began large-scale exercises involving air defense, ships, as well as nuclear and diesel submarines in the Arctic, reported the Russian Defense Ministry.

    "The Northern Fleet has begun an intergroup command-staff exercise, which takes place under the general leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov," the ministry said.

    The Russian Defense Ministry noted that in the first stages of the exercises, the Northern Fleet's military …

  • Washington: Russia’s actions in Arctic threaten NATO’s security

    Russia is increasing its presence in the Arctic and threatening NATO's defense at the Greenland/Iceland/UK gap, stated the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Michael Murphy.

    "China and Russia are seeking to more actively challenge American and Western and allied interests, whether that’s in Ukraine, whether that’s in North Africa, whether that’s in the South China Sea, and we’re seeing the same sort of challenges in the Arctic region," he said.

    Russia has “ …

  • Russia to deploy two high frequency radars in Arctic ‘to counter hypersonic missile threats’

    Rezonans-N radar stations capable of detecting hypersonic missiles will be deployed in the Kola Peninsula before the end of the year, reports TASS citing a source in the Russian defense industry.

    "To improve the combat capabilities of the Northern Fleet, two Rezonans-N stations will be deployed in the Kola Peninsula in 2020. One radar has already been installed, the second has been delivered to the peninsula and is expected to be installed before the end of 2020," the source said.

    Previously, …

  • Danish intelligence: Russia is building new airbase in Arctic

    In the Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land, Russia is building a new military airbase where it will station fighter aircraft. The new infrastructure will be ready in 2020, which is extremely concerning to Denmark, TV2 Norge reports, citing Danish military intelligence.

    According to Danish intelligence, Russia’s new airbase in Franz Josef Land will be the northern-most in the world, which will help Russia to strengthen its hold over the Arctic. Satellite images show that work is currently …

  • Russia plans to protect Arctic with air defense dome

    Commander in chief of the Russian Northern Fleet, vice-admiral Aleksandr Moiseyev, said in an interview with the newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry Krasnaya Zvezda, that in the coming years anti-aircraft dome will be created over the Russian part of the Arctic. The project will be implemented after all military divisions in the region will receive the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

    "The Arctic will be protected from any means of enemy's air attack, including aircraft, cruise or …

  • Danish intelligence concerned by Russia-US confrontation in Arctic

    The geopolitical rivalry between the US, China and Russia is causing tension in the Arctic region to increase, states a report published on Friday, November 29, by the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, DDIS). The document contains an analysis of the primary international threats for 2019.

    According to the kingdom’s intelligence department, Russia “considers its extended Arctic coastline its most vulnerable flank for an unexpected US precision strike” using …

  • Russia tests hypersonic Kinjal missile in Arctic

    In November, Russian MiG-31K fighter jet launched the first hypersonic Kinjal (Dagger) missile in the Arctic at the Pemboy military range, reports TASS, citing a source in the Russian defense industry.

    "The missile was launched at a ground target located at the Pemboy military range from a MiG-31K fighter jet that took off from the Olenegorsk airbase," said’ one of the interlocutors.

    Another source confirmed the fact that the tests of Kinjal missile have been conducted, noting that "the speed …

  • Russia rehearses global catastrophe in Arctic maneuvers

    Russia’s Grom-2019 (“Thunder-2019”) strategic exercise conducted from October 15-17 in the Arctic can be described as “a rehearsal of all-out nuclear war” according to Alexander Golts, editor-in-chief of the Russian online magazine Yezhednevny Zhurnal (Daily Journal).

    As reported previously by the Russian Defense Ministry, the exercise involved troops from all four of Russia’s military districts and its Northern Fleet. During the training maneuvers, the Russian military practiced “deploying …

  • Russia begins large-scale military exercises in Arctic

    The Russian Defense Ministry has initiated large-scale maneuvers with its Strategic Nuclear Forces (RVSN) in the Arctic.

    The Grom-2019 (“Thunder-2019”) exercise will involve more than 12,000 military personnel, 213 RVSN launchers, 105 aircraft, including five strategic missile carriers, 15 surface ships and five nuclear submarines, as well as 310 items of combat and special equipment, the TASS news agency reports, citing a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry.

    During the maneuvers, …

  • Russia conducts nuclear submarine drills in Arctic

    Three Russian nuclear submarines investigated the possibility of using weapons under the ice in the Arctic, announced Vadim Serga, spokesperson for Russia’s North Fleet.

    “The North Fleet’s nuclear submarine crews rehearsed preparing to operate under the Arctic’s icy conditions. The nuclear missile cruisers ‘Tula’, ‘Novomoskovsk’, and ‘Severodvinsk’ were given objectives to complete under the ice,” Interfax cites the spokesperson as saying.

    Serga added that the submarines had practiced …