Russia transferring ammunition and S-300 missiles from Belarus to Donbas

Russia is probably transferring missiles for S-300/400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Belarus to the Donbas, reported the war monitoring group Belarusian Gayun.

Over the past few days, eight Il-76 landed at Machulishchy airfield in Belarus.

According to the monitoring group, the Russian planes remained at the airfield from three to five hours.

According to Belarusian Gayun, the Russian cargo planes could be either delivering new missiles and/or ammunition, picking up missiles and/or ammunition, or simultaneously delivering and picking up different types of weapons.

However, the most likely version is that Russia is removing missiles from Belarus.

According to the experts, Russian takes missiles to airfields in the Moscow, Bryansk, and Rostov regions. These airfields are used for supplying Russian troops in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

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