Russia urges Turkey to stop militant attacks coming from Idlib

“There is still a fairly high concentration of terrorists and militants in Idlib who, taking advantage of their numbers, attack civilian targets and carry out violent attacks on Russian military targets. This is unacceptable," RIA Novosti quoted him saying.

According to him, Russia is cooperating with Turkey when it comes to Idlib. More specifically, Turkey “is responsible for ensuring that such attacks do not occur.”

“You know, the Sochi agreements are in effect here, work is being done in this direction, but, of course, terrorist attacking emanating from Idlib are unacceptable and measures are being taken to neutralize those launch sites,” Peskov added.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump declared that the Syrian province of Idlib was the site of a “massacre” and that it was being “bombed” by Russia, Syria and Iran. He urged the “massacre” be brought to an end.

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