After Biden threatens Putin with sanctions, Russia warns of war in Ukraine

Threats of disconnecting Russia from the dollar system, voiced yesterday by U.S. President Joe Biden, can provoke a resumption of the "civil war" in Ukraine, said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov

According to him, the threat of sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine can "contribute to the destabilization of the situation" in the Donbas.

"All these statements can instill completely erroneous hopes in the hotheads of some representatives of the Ukrainian leadership, who, as they say, under this pretext, can decide to start anew the civil war in their country and try to solve the problems of the South-East by force," Peskov said.

He added that in Moscow, the US statements cause concern, and in addition, they "in no way contribute to the détente that has now arisen in Europe."

U.S President Joe Biden said that the war against Ukraine will entail a "heavy price" and will turn into a "catastrophe" for Russia.

Biden said that he promised Putin a sanctions package, which Putin "had never seen".

"If they [Russians] bring troops in, they will pay. Their banks will not be able to conduct transactions with dollars," Biden said. In addition, the United States will strengthen its military presence on the eastern flank and support Kyiv with weapons.

War will not be a "cakewalk" for Russia. “Militarily, they have overwhelming superiority, as it relates to Ukraine.  But they’ll pay a stiff price — immediately, near term, medium term, and long term — if they do it, ” Biden added.

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