Russian airbase in Voronezh rocked by massive explosions

On January 2, at about 01:37 am the Russian city of Voronezh was rocked by at least two explosions. According to the local news outlet Blocknote, the explosions were heard in the south-west of the city in the area of the military airfield Baltimore. The news outlets notes that the explosions were so powerful that they could be heard in all parts of the city.

"A strong explosion was heard. All the car alarms went off," "I first saw that a flash in the window, I got up to see what it was. Then, there was a roar of explosions. A streak of smoke was visible. This is not a mass hallucination. The whole city heard it. At the same time, everyone has only questions and assumptions. We are waiting for the morning news", "The war is underway. Let’s thank V. V. Putin that he screwed up with Ukraine," write users of the social network Vkontakte.

The Russian Telegram channel ASTRA published videos of the explosions.

Ukrainian journalist, editor-in-chief of the news website Censor.NET Yuri Butusov said that Su-34 bombers are based at the Baltimore airfield.

"Tonight, a small-sized reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle launched from the territory of Ukraine was detected and shot down by air defense systems near Voronezh. There are no victims and destruction on the ground, the situation is under control, " the Voronezh city administration said.

The day before, the Voronezh link of the unified Russian system for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, was put into a of high readiness state until the morning of January 9.

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