Russian and American military face off in Northern Syria

The Russian military did not let a US military convoy to enter the town of Qamishli in Northern Syria, Telegram-channel "Military Informant" reports.

The post was published on the evening of May 2. The date of the incident is not reported. According to the author, the Russians and Americans got into confrontation on the outskirts of the city. Photos published in the post show that two Russian armored personnel carriers blocked the path of the US military convoy. It is noted that after that the Russian military moved to the airport, where the Russian base is located, and the Americans remained standing at the entrance to the city.

A subsequent video shows American combat vehicles standing on the side of the road. At the same time, civilian transport passes into the city. The footage shows the U.S. officers' conversations with the Russians. According to journalists, the dialogue was protracted.

At the end of last December, American and Russian soldiers reportedly got into fist fight in a village in eastern Syria. The soldiers clashed in Al-Hasakah province, where the Americans were interviewing locals. 

The media reported that the Russian soldiers had been urgently evacuated after a fist fight with American military.

As Russian publication The Military Review (Voyennoe Obozrenie) reported, citing several sources, the fight between American and  Russian soldiers did take place in Syria, and, as a result, the Russian soldiers had to be urgently taken to the hospital.

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