Russian armed opposition forces urge Belgorod residents to seek shelter ahead of strikes on city's military targets

The Freedom of Russia Legion, Russian Volunteer Corps, and Siberian Battalion have issued an urgent statement to the residents of Russia's Belgorod, calling on civilians to immediately seek shelter in bomb shelters.

The statement was released on the official Telegram channel of the Legion at 12:30 Kyiv time.

Russian armed opposition forces warned that within the next hour, there will be significant unrest in Belgorod, with a planned concentrated strike on military targets associated with Putin's army in the city.

"A concentrated strike on military installations in the city of Belgorod will be conducted within the next hour. We urge local residents to immediately take shelter in reliable hiding places and not to go outside until the attack is over," the military said in a statement.

They also called on city residents to share the information with family and friends to prevent casualties among the local population.

The day before, the Russian Volunteer Corps, the Freedom of Russia Legion, and Siberian Battalion advised residents of Belgorod and Kursk regions to stay sheltered throughout Friday, March 15, "until the completion of the active phase of the limited military operation."

In addition, the opposition forces have provided a humanitarian corridor for civilian evacuation, which will operate from 9 pm on March 15 until 7 am on March 16 Moscow time.

The operation of Russian volunteers in the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia began on the night of March 12. The Russian opposition forces broke through the border, with very intense fighting underway.

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