Russian border city of Shebekino attacked by armed opposition forces

The Russian Volunteer Corps, an armed unit of Russian opposition which is fighting on the side of Ukraine, published a video, stating that its fighters are on the border of Russia and Ukraine - and "the outskirts of Shebekino will be seen very soon."

The Telegram Channel Baza reports that on the morning of June 1, the Shebekino border crossing was attacked from the Ukrainian side with the support of tanks. According to Baze, the attack was repulsed.

The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that, on the night of June 1, the city of Shebekino was "under incessant fire."

The Russian state agency TASS reported, citing to the Belgorod authorities, that "shelling continues and the sounds of fighting are heard" in Shebekino. The news agency denied information about the breakthrough from the Ukrainian side.

Video messages from Russians living Shebekino, where fighting is now taking place, began to appear on the internet.

In one of the videos, an 18-year-old resident of Shebekino says that she cannot study and live under constant shelling. She claims that she came under fire more than once and saw people running in panic to shelters "literally in their underwear".

"I've seen mothers covering their children, I've seen fear and panic in people's eyes. I am scared to realize that children at the age of seven know what Solntsepek and Grads are. This situation literally breaks the psyche of our children. The people are on their edge. Women cry almost every time," the women said, noting that she wants to live same calm live as in other Russian cities.

"Shebekino is part of Russia. We are the Russian Federation, and we ask for help! We don't know who will protect us, who will help us. Push back the front line and save the Belgorod region and the city of Shebekino!" the Russian woman demanded.

In another video, a resident of Shebekino desperately says that the city was allegedly bombed by Ukrainian forces.

"The city is badly bombed. We left with just a few packages. This situation is probably the same for many residents," she suggested.

Another woman said that the factory where she worked in Shebekino was bombed and she was left without a job.

"All of the city center has been turned into dust," the Russian woman complained.

At the same time, the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps are already moving through the streets of Shebekino. They ask citizens to stay in their homes and emphasize that civilians are not in danger.

Local authorities are waiting for the shelling to stop in order to begin evacuating people to safe areas. Some residents are trying to leave Shebekino, without waiting for the authorities to act.

Adviser to the Office of the Ukrainian President, Anton Gerashchenko, said that gas stations in the Belgorod region ran out of fuel and there are long lines. The drivers say that "only 10 liters are allowed per car."

Earlier, the British newspaper The Times reported that the legion "Freedom of Russia" has thousands of candidates who are waiting to join the unit to fight against the current regime in the Kremlin. Russian opposition fighters will continue their raids on border regions until they are numerous enough to attack Moscow.

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