Russian Colonel Arman Ospanov killed in Ukrainian artillery strike in Kherson region

Colonel Arman Ospanov, the head of the armored service within the Russian airborne troops, was killed in Ukraine's Kherson region, report Russian Telegram channels.

It is noted that Ospanov, a close comrade of the commander of Russia's airborne forces, Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, was killed in a Ukrainian artillery strike.

On January 6, Colonel Ospanov had arrived to inspect the positions of the 104th airborne assault division of the Russian Federation, located near the village of Kozachi Laheri in the Kherson region. Accompanied by a group of soldiers, he was en route to oversee the evacuation of an armored personnel carrier when the location came under Ukrainian artillery fire.

As a result of the shelling, Ospanov and Sergeant Alexander Krasnov, the commander of the evacuation unit from the 104th division, were both killed. Additional soldiers from the 104th division sustained injuries.

Earlier reports suggested that on January 6, 51-year-old Ospanov was killed in a roadside bomb explosion. In 2023, Ospanov had received a medal for his participation in the invasion of Ukraine.

In the past day, the Ukrainian armed forces reported eliminating 440 Russian soldiers. The total number of casualties sustained by the Russian army since the beginning of the war against Ukraine is now reported to be 365,170 military personnel.

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