Russian forces intensify assaults to encircle Chasiv Yar

According to Oleksiy Kalashnikov, a spokesperson for Ukraine's 26th Artillery Brigade, Russian forces initially tried to break through the flanks but moved to direct assaults after a series of setbacks.

Russian troops have intensified their offensive around Chasiv Yar, employing armored vehicles and tanks, followed by infantry. They are attempting to encircle the town while also conducting frontal assaults, Kalashnikov, a spokesperson for Ukraine's 26th Artillery Brigade, said during a national news broadcast.

"They continue trying to encircle Chasiv Yar directly," explained Kalashnikov. "The main direction is from Bohdanivka-Kalynivka. Additionally, combat is intense around Ivanivske-Stupochky, Klishchiivka, and Andriivka."

Initially, Russian forces attempted to break through the flanking directions but shifted to direct assaults on the city following a series of failures, resulting in higher personnel losses.

The situation remains tense in the "Canal" neighborhood. The Russian forces conduct various attacks, alternating between infantry assaults and mechanized attacks. In several cases, wheeled transport vehicles are used to break through defense lines. However, the city remains under Ukrainian control, with Russian positions being destroyed, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Recently there were skirmishes in Kalynivka; both sides advanced and retreated. In Ivanivske, the enemy has been trying to completely capture the settlement for a year and a half," Kalashnikov added.

Since April, Russian troops have increasingly used mechanized units in the Chasiv Yar area, shifting from primarily 8-12 person assault infantry groups to now employing infantry armored vehicles and tanks.

Today, mortar batteries and FPV drones (particularly those dropping munitions) play a leading role in inflicting damage on the enemy. Artillery and multiple rocket launch systems are other highly effective means of containment.

"We have more rounds now, and most importantly, it's the bravery of our guys on the front line holding the defense," Kalashnikov said.

On June 9, media reports claimed that Russian forces had entered Chasiv Yar. However, this information was denied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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