Russian forces sustain severe losses in battles with armed opposition fighters, commander reveals

The Russian Federation's armed forces are enduring significant losses in the conflict with Russian armed opposition units, as reported by Caesar, the deputy commander for civil-military cooperation of the "Freedom of Russia" Legion, during a Ukrainian news broadcast.

"The enemy is incurring massive losses: approximately 1,500 personnel, and dozens of pieces of equipment and weaponry," stated Caesar.

He emphasized that the Russian military has been compelled to redeploy a variety of units, including elite forces, to the frontlines where they clash with the Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion and the Siberian Battalion.

According to Caesar, there are Russian patriots within the Russian army who realize that Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is digging a grave for Russia." The deputy commander of the Freedom of Russia Legion believes that, over time, these soldiers will choose their allegiances, standing with the volunteers as they advance deeper into the country.

Furthermore, he discussed the assaults by Russian forces, criticizing Putin's indifference to the destruction of either Ukrainians or Russians. Populated areas held by the Russian armed opposition are subjected to relentless artillery barrages, including strikes from multiple launch rocket systems, guided aerial bombs, and other armaments. Caesar added that President Putin is not concerned about civilian casualties as long as he maintains so-called control of the situation, even if it means annihilating Russian volunteers to suppress resistance.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in its March 18 report highlighted President Putin's acknowledgment of the presence of Russian nationals among the armed formations that have entered Russia, referring to them as "four groups of traitors."

In addition, on the same day, Alexander Fortuna, the chief of staff of the Russian Volunteer Corps, asserted said that the fighters intend to continue their military actions in Russia. He indicated that the Russian armed opposition has no immediate plans to halt their offensive.

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