Russian Foreign Ministry summons U.S. ambassador, warns of serious response to sanctions

On April 15, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov met with U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan, reported the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The ministry said that the Russian side gave an assessment of the "unacceptable actions of the American side", which allegedly inflicted a heavy blow to the Russian Federation instead of the stated intention to build pragmatic relations.

Ryabkov told Sullivan that "a series of retaliatory measures will follow" in the near future and that U.S. attempts to warn against further escalation are inappropriate. The ministry also said that Moscow was responsible in maintaining relations with the United States, while Washington "only aggravated the situation."

"In addition to assessing the current situation in the context of the new U.S. sanctions package, the sides also touched on some other bilateral issues," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

On April 15, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order imposing new sanctions against Russia.

Russia immediately said it intended to respond to U.S. sanctions.

After that, the American ambassador to Russia was summoned for a "harsh conversation" at the Foreign Ministry.

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