Russian media blames oligarch Abramovich and the likes for 'Russia's national catastrophe'

The author of the article entitled “Who prevents Surovikin from fighting", published by the pro-Kremlin newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, writes about the role of the oligarch Roman Abramovich in Russia’s misfortunes.

"It is obvious that Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] is not omnipotent. If all his decisions over the years were carried out as planned, we would already be living in a completely different Russia. But, sometimes, Putin says one thing, and a different outcome comes out of the labyrinths of power – something similar, but not the same and wrong. This is puzzling. And now during the special military operation, we see things that are puzzling. Starting with supplying the military, red lines (which are wide, it turns out), "decision-making centers" operating in Ukraine, fully functional leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, supply lines for the Western weapons, unprofitable deals for Russia and, in the end, a concerned, with sniffling nose, but alive and well Zelensky, " the author writes. And, based on his own logic, he concludes that there are supporters of a national catastrophe in Russia.

The author quotes Yevgeny Prigozhin, "the godfather of the Wagner PMC": "A huge number of undefeated Khodorkovsky’s agents, foreign special services and liberals are among business and the Russian political elite. It is not long for these liberals to be "destroyed." But besides them, there are obvious agents of the West, people who should be tried for treason."

Immediately after this, the author points out to Roman Abramovich: "Here is one of the examples of pure coincidences. The oligarch Abramovich travelled and travelled in circles around Istanbul and Kyiv, and almost arranged "Minsk-3", turned around again - and now is free on the warm shores. These are the Nazis, "who can not be released". There was a withdrawal of troops from Kherson, and the police of the island of Jersey (a self-governing territory of Great Britain) recognized as unlawful search warrants executed in his property in April and agreed to pay damages and apologized to the billionaire."

"Oligarchy is just a fusion of business and the political elite. The fact that these people do not care about a national catastrophe is easy to see remembering 1991 and the decade that followed. Rather, they are even focused on perpetuating a national catastrophe, because only in this way will they be able to continue to exploit Russia again (more precisely, what will remain of it, but it does not matter to them), turning it into a colony of the West and receiving their super-profits, " the journalist sums up.

Earlier, it was reported that government officials and businessmen in Russia began to fear for their safety after the call of "Putin's chef" Yevgeny Prigozhin to conduct urgent purges among wealthy Russians who are not zealous enough to help the war.

"Levers and mechanisms for the total destruction of these people as businessmen should be included. Stalin-like repressions against them are urgently needed. Has anything changed in the position of rich people, oligarchs in relation to the assistance to the part of the population who is at war? As far as I know, it has changed. They now don’t give a f**ck at all. They see their impunity and continue to spit on those who shed blood," Prigozhin said.

After the Kherson retreat, the Russian elite realized the defeat in the military campaign is inevitable, said on the Youtube channel "Khodorkovsky Live" political scientist Valery Solovey.

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