Russian oligarch Deripaska accuses FBI of stealing two bottles of vodka after search warrants executed in his American mansions

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska resorted to foul language on his telegram channel after the FBI raided American houses belonging to the businessman's relatives.

The "law enforcement actions", according to Deripaska’s representative, were carried out on the basis of search warrants related to sanctions.

Deripaska said, using an obscene synonym for the verb "steal", that two bottles of vodka were stolen.

He added that the searches were carried out "in the best traditions of the Bolshevik schwonders (a character from Bulgakov’s Hear of a Dog)", and the houses where they took place were abandoned.

"I would like to ask: how much Putin's money was found yesterday in these abandoned houses?", Deripaska asked.

According to him, the American establishment shows "extreme stupidity", continuing to promote "the tale about the alleged colossal role of Russians in the US presidential election in 2016."

U.S. policy, according to Deripaska, is facing an inevitable end, as the U.S. national debt has reached an "astronomical" $ 30 trillion, and China in the foreseeable future "will reunite with Taiwan, making the Pacific Ocean a Chinese inland body of water."

"And we, the Russians, now want a single economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok with a thriving population and untouched nature. But no. In favor of obscurantists from the American military-industrial complex and a couple of crazy analysts (who are to blame for the US debt reaching astronomical proportions), the show of absurdity continues, " Deripaska wrote.

In 2006, Deripaska was denied an American visa and visited the United States only with the permission provided by the FBI. In 2018, he came under sanctions as a "close oligarch to the Kremlin, along with an aluminum empire that he had forged in the bloody chaos of the 1990s”.

Having concluded a deal with the US Treasury, Deripaska agreed to reducing his stake in Russian aluminium producer Rusal to 0.01%. In exchange, Washington lifted sanctions against the company.

Deripaska's share in the En + holding, which holds his key assets, fell from 70% to 44.95%. After being put on the U.S. "blacklist", Deripaska intensified his rhetoric in social media and through telegram attacked the Russian Central Bank accusing it of the Russia's problems - from the disappearance of millions of jobs to the extinction of the Russian population.

Deripaska's said that interest rates in Russia are too high, and the central bank does not run the "printing press" like in the West.


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