Russian parliament seeks security measures for politicians amid alleged threats from Ukraine

The upper chamber of the Russian parliament is looking into safeguarding politicians and public figures from "criminal actions by Ukrainian authorities," RIA Novosti reports, citing Konstantin Kosachev, Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council. To address this concern, two committees have been tasked with developing security measures. Senators are expected to propose initiatives on this matter during the next session of the Federation Council. Kosachev stated that this decision was prompted by the recent killing of former Ukrainian parliament member, Ilya Kiva, in the Moscow region.

He emphasized that there are existing threats against Russian politicians and media personnel and stressed the need for both domestic and international measures to protect them. Kiva's murder occurred on December 6 in the village of Suponevo, Moscow region. He was allegedly shot using unidentified weapons equipped with a silencer. Ukrainian media, citing sources in law enforcement agencies, have labeled this murder as a "special operation" orchestrated by the Ukrainian Security Service.

The Russian Investigative Committee's preliminary findings suggest that the murder was premeditated, with the investigation also considering the possibility of Ukrainian involvement.

In the meantime, there is a list circulating on social media purportedly outlining targets set by Ukraine for "elimination". According to the claims, this list was personally coordinated by President Volodymyr Zelensky and the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov. The document contains the names of 16 individuals, including the deceased Kiva. It also mentions bloggers Yuriy Podolyak and Anatoliy Shariy, former politician Oleg Tsarev, former president Viktor Yanukovych, and other Ukrainian citizens who have sought refuge in Russia.

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