Russian soldiers evacuated by helicopter after fist fight with American military in Syria

The media reported that the Russian soldiers had been urgently evacuated after a fist fight with American military.

As Russian publication The Military Review (Voyennoe Obozrenie) reports, citing several sources, the fight between American and  Russian soldiers did take place in Syria, and, as a result, the Russian soldiers had to be urgently taken to the hospital.

"The Israeli press drew attention to an incident involving a fight between Russian and American soldiers in one of the Christian enclaves of Syria. There was a message from the local authorities that three Russian soldiers were beaten so badly that they were taken to a military hospital by helicopter," reads the article of the Military Review.

Several days earlier, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry officially denied the information about any clashes between the Russian and American military, calling this information as a "primitive fake."

"The report of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights about the alleged "altercation that turned into a fist fight" between Russian and American soldiers in North-Western Syria is a primitive fake," reads the message of the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to experts, any aggressive actions of the US Armed Forces on the territory controlled by Russian troops would be immediately suppressed, including the use of weapons.

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