Russian strategic bombers flew twice in two days along Alaska coast

Two Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-95ms had an 11-hour flight along the coast of Alaska on May 22, reports Russian Ministry of Defence.

The flight took place over the Chukchi, Bering and Okhotsk seas, and the Russian bombers were escorted by the US Air Force aircraft. The Ministry also stated that on May 21, four Tu-95ms bombers conducted a planned flight with a similar route.

"Long-range aviation pilots make regular flights over the neutral waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, Black seas, and the Pacific Ocean," stated the Defense Ministry.

It was reported in April that the Russian Tu-214ON aircraft under the Open Sky Treaty flew over military bases in the United States for the first time. Before that, the US authorities refused to allow the aircraft of this model to make surveillance flights over its territory.

  Russia, Tu-95MS strategic bombers, USA